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Business Online Services

Online Banking Overview

A secure and flexible solution, Business Online delivers high performance online cash management with next-generation features that enhance customer experience, streamline business services, boost customer satisfaction, and lowers costs.

Cash Management

SouthTrust Bank, N.A. allows you to easily complete tasks such as loan payments, wire transfers and remote deposits. You can create NACHA-formatted batch files of ACH transactions, including international transfers, and submit them for processing online. With our advanced security, multiple users can be established with unique security permissions, enabling employees to log in and perform authorized functions, such as transferring funds between accounts.

Remote Deposit Capture/ Merchant Capture Services

Merchant Source Capture enables you to scan multiple checks at one time and transmit check images and data directly to SouthTrust Bank, N.A. It captures payment information, including names, invoice numbers and account numbers. The solution also uses a virtual image endorsement, which eliminates the problems of ink maintenance for your customers. The only equipment needed is an image scanner and Internet-ready computer.

Merchant Services

The Merchant Services Program is committed to driving down your risk, pushing your profitability higher and supporting your business relationships with an asset underestimated in an increasingly digital world - human contact. SouthTrust Bank, N.A. has partnered with BancCard who offers transaction authorization, processing and network services in all 50 states to businesses accepting credit and debit cards as payments for products and services.

You will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, etc. With the online reporting and 24 hour customer services BancCard provides unmatchable personal services.

For more information or to get started:

Contact SouthTrust Bank Visit BancCard to Learn More

See branch and account disclosures for requirements, interest-balance tiers, rates, applicable fees, restrictions and details.

We do not charge for mobile banking, however, your cellular carrier message and data rates may apply.